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Welcome to "Fun With Aileen" the site of a fun early grade children's author who is a mother, a reading enthusiast, an amateur photographer, farm market manager, recipe creator, and crafting enthusiast. The site where good reading skills are worth more than gold and where reading, writing, and anything creative is encouraged. I want my child to learn, grow, and have fun; and I'm sure you want yours to do the same. Promoting reading, writing, and creativity assures they will do this. Help me show children that reading is cool.  Look around, find a good book, craft, or recipe; and  be sure to leave me a comment in the guest book. Or if you want to contact me, simply fill out the form below.

Happy Hunting!

Aileen Stewart


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This site does not collect personal information from children or adults. If the contact form is used by a child, I do not save  their e-mail address except to temporarily respond to the email received. I do not under any circumstances pass on emails or addresses to third parties.




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